Letters & Words

What we do, how we do it, and other ramblings.

Internet Explorer 8

On April 8th Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP, an operating system that was released over a decade ago, which includes Internet Explorer version 8. We will follow suit. We've been considering dropping Internet Explorer version 8 (IE8) support for a while now. It's a outdated browser that keeps us from focusing on new technology…Read More

Content Management Systems

A content management system (CMS) is a software tool specifically designed to manage a website. Whether changing the copy on existing pages, adding new pages, adding blog articles, or whatever other important tasks you may do on a frequent basis, it bridges the gap between the code and yourself, giving you the ability you to update your site with ease.…Read More

One Year

It's been a year since Tin Cans & Strings opened its proverbial doors. It was a leap of faith to take that first step, but it's been an amazing experience and a learning process. As a show of thanks we'd like to offer our services at a discount for the months of September and October.…Read More

Made by Hand

There's something about seeing “handmade” or “made by hand” stamped on an item. Whether it be a hammer used to build a house, a bowl used to eat your favorite meal, or a favorite shirt. Seeing that reassuring stamp tells us that an actual person crafted the item with their bare hands.…Read More

Feature Based Pricing

While our method seems like a very traditional waterfall approach to web design, it's much more agile than that. We don't like to invest large chunks of time on Photoshop comps or wireframes, but instead we move quickly to the browser so the client can give us feedback. Changes and revisions are made rapidly because we aren't restricted by an entire site that was developed in Photoshop or very specific wireframes…Read More

Method Explained

I'm constantly revising and improving the way I operate. The web is ever-changing and as a web designer I must adapt as well. I've put this here so you can see how you and I will work together. Each step is so very important, no detail is too small. At several points during the process I rely on feedback to keep things moving smoothly, whether the communication be email, phone, video chat, or face to face. I want to ensure we are adhering to the goals and mission of the project so feedback from my client and partner ensures we are on the same page. Yes I said partner…Read More

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