Made By Hand

There's something about seeing “handmade” or “made by hand” stamped on an item. Whether it be a hammer used to build a house, a bowl used to eat your favorite meal, or a favorite shirt. Seeing that reassuring stamp tells us that an actual person crafted the item with their bare hands. It tells us that great thought and care went into it's construction. It's an extremely comforting feeling to know you purchased a quality item. You can put your trust in it. It will not fail you.

In a world of instant gratification and consumerism, few things are made by hand these days. It's all assembly lines and machines and by the time it reaches our hands neatly packaged for us to consume, it's a meaningless product that we squander and dispose of. Little thought is given to the construction, purchase, or the use of such items.

Take the time to watch this short video of an artist at Neeman Tools entitled The Birth of a Tool. It's a beautiful video about the process of making an axe. It's a perfect definition of the care that goes into crafting a quality handmade item.

Simply beautiful isn't it? A man in his shop, putting thoughtfulness into his work, crafting a lasting item that will be a joy for someone to use.

Sure, you could go to Walmart and purchase an axe that will probably fail you after a time, but if you want something built solid and built with care, something that you will enjoy using, you would be wise to buy from this company. There will always be a need for the kind of craftsmanship that is seen in the video.

This is what we are doing here at Tin Cans & String.

Sure, we're not spinning your code on a lathe, throwing your domain into a forge, or putting your content to the grindstone, but you can rest assured your site is handmade. We take pride in our work just as any craftsmen would.

We feel that hand crafting each part of a website is crucial to the success of your project. We know each line of code because we wrote it. We know each pixel on the screen because we designed it. Unfortunately this isn't the case with all websites.

Most people and businesses live very fast paced, stressed lives and web agencies cater to this market by creating cheap websites for busy, impatient people. If these agencies would slow down a bit they would be able to create quality websites for awesome people who appreciate the worth of a handmade site.

If you see a site that was made by Tin Cans, you can rest assured it was made by hand.


We create things here at Tin Cans by hand, from paper to screen at an affordable price that people want to use. Contact us, we'd love to create something beautiful for you.

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