One Year

It's been a year since Tin Cans & Strings opened its proverbial doors. It was a leap of faith to take that first step, but it's been an amazing experience and a learning process.

We've stayed true to our foundations and vision, and it's worked out well so far. We still firmly believe in the quote by Trent Walton that dons our about page:

“Do good work, be consistent and the rest will take care of itself.”

The word honesty could be added as well. We're truthful with our clients, and it always works out best. We don't promise things we can't deliver so if we say we'll do something, you can count on us to see it through.

Other businesses tend to over think things, or maybe we just under think them, but we don't rely on special tactics or think there's some secret to running a successful business. It should be as simple as doing what you love, for people that love you for it. Both parties being honest with each other and working hard to ensure everyone is satisfied is our preferred method. We make products for real people, understand these people have real problems, and help them solve their problems.

Doing what you love is such a blessing, and we'd like to thank you for allowing us to do just that. Many thanks to our friends and clients who believe in Tin Cans.


In honor of our one year anniversary, we'd like to help those who are in need of some work. As always, no matter what your budget, let us help you get on the web at a price that works for you. On top of that, for the months of September and October, let's also go ahead and knock off 20%. If you are a repeat client, as always, we'll treat you like family and ensure you get an even better price.

Again, thank you so much for making this dream a reality. We hope to serve you for years to come.

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