NorthCrest Medical Center offers a full-range of healthcare services at several locations in Middle Tennessee.

They partnered with our friends at Lam Andrews to design them a new site. Tin Cans was brought in to help after the initial development did not meet expectations. We were happy to help our friends out by completing the project and satisfying the client.


A big part of web design and development is solving problems. This project was about not only solving the client's problems, but also problems that were brought on through previous development. Not all projects go smoothly for our clients and at times we are hired to save the day, so to speak.

A founding principle of Tin Cans is to be truthful with clients. A lack of truthful communication is one of the main reasons our friends at Lam Andrews were left high and dry with this project. These projects actually turn out to be some of our hardest because we are working behind what another developer has already doneā€¦or not done. We were hired by Lam Andrews to ensure the client's expectations were met and they were 100% satisfied well after site launch.

The initial development was not written on a responsive framework. The staff at NorthCrest needed their site to be viewable on mobile devices, which they use to complete daily responsibilities. We implemented a responsive grid to ensure that the site's functionality was mobile friendly and easy for the staff to use.

The client also needed full Internet Explorer version 8 support, which the original developer did not provide. As a result of our work, the site now functions properly with their internal software.

NorthCrest's human resources department also had several expectations with the way forms were submitted. We were able to provide them with a solution that would email them a custom formatted email as well as a downloadable format for their records.

It does no good to build a site on a CMS if you do not educate the client. We provided detailed documentation so the client has full control over their new site for future updates.

While this was not completely our development work, at the end of the day if the client is happy, we are happy. We were glad to be of service.

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