Who We Are

Tin Cans & String is a small web design studio.
We’re honest. We work hard. We design. We code.

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What Makes Us Different

While we all work on the ever-changing web, we identify with a simpler time. A time where things were better made and people stood by their word. Despite the evolution of computers, what worked then still works now. Trust, honesty, and a firm handshake never go out of style.

There are countless solutions for creating your online presence. Anywhere from “easy” do it yourself solutions to large, impersonal design firms. We’re a tiny design studio that fits somewhere in between with a lot more personality and a much simpler process.

Our hope is that our passion for this work shows in everything we do.
We believe that every phone call, email, pixel, and Monday morning matter.

designer, developer, founder

Derek Long

Derek is the founder of Tin Cans & Strings. As the hands that has built everything you see here you can rest assured you are talking to Tin Cans you are talking the boss.

He believes that if you do good work for the right people and enjoy life then the rest will take care of itself.

Our Story

Tin Cans & String exists because of a need for something different. A different way of life, a different way to work, and how we as individuals spend the moments we have on this planet. This is what Derek Long, founder, designer, and the hands behind the pixels, wanted for his life both inside and outside of the office.

“Our lives are too short to not do something we love. I was there and knew I wanted to try something new. So I started Tin Cans & String.” Derek Long
Founder of Tin Cans & String

We work in a way that is fast, efficient and fun so we can invest in other important areas of life outside the office.

Our small hope is that we can spend our day working on something that we love doing. That passion spreads itself into the work that we create, which results in a better product and, more importantly, a better life.